I have two mixed breed cats, who just turned one year old. They are brother and sister from the same litter, named; Diago and Mischief (Misty). I have thought about toilet training them ever since I got them at 8 weeks of age, however we were moving around a bit at the time and so we used two litter boxes instead. I use one large covered box and one small- both of which use wood pellets as litter- which is way better then clumping litter in many ways. It doesn't smell, other than the wood smell.. it is safer for the cats.. its only 5 bucks for a 40 pound bag.. and its MUCH easier to clean. All you do is scoop the business and the pee turns into sawdust and falls to the bottom of the box.

Anyways I still want them using the toilet so I have purchased what I need and hope we have some success. I choice to blog this because I would like the support when needed.

Scroll to the bottom for the start of our toilet training.

Monday, 22 July 2013

first day of citikitty

We are officially on citikitty day one!!! Litter box was going well so I put the citikitty on the toilet today, and left the litter box as promised. I am excited to finally be this far!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

YAY!! Today I was pleased with my findings when I got home. Everyone seams to he using the litter box properly still so I have moved on to the final step before installing the citikitty. I turned the box so they have to jump on the toilet seat (seat down!) To get in...they seamed to find this very interesting. Like the bathroom is a new place or something. For the first time ever they climbed up on the bathroom counter, and eyed the toilet paper. I see trouble coming.

I think you have it a little wrong Diago..

Hopefully this means citikitty tomorrow!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Making strides

So far so good..things are progressing! Meals are getting eaten and bathroom breaks are a little more pedictable. Today I lifted up the litter box on another set of tupperwear.. the entrence is now the height of the toilet. Ill see how this goes..tomorrow I am back at work so they'll will have more than 24 hours to show me if they are ok with it or not. If all goes well tomorrow ill move up a step..turn the box and lift it an inch or two, guess ill need to find some books.
I haven't decided if I should put the city kitty on at the same time or wait a day to add Ill probably wait. On a side note I wonder how well the toilet will do with wood pellets .. they should be fine I hope!

Friday, 19 July 2013

finaly lifted it

So the cats have been doing better on meals now ane are usually eating almost all their food. Still no more accidents so I thought since I'm off today and tomorrow, ill lift the box. Its lifted about 3 inches I think. Diago investigated but no one has used it yet..
Litter box lifted 3" on tupperwear

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Decision and game plan

So when I came home today nothing in the litter box or anywhere else for that matter. I feelI sshouldn't start untill I know they are ok with the litter box move, though it is odd because I move them all the time no problem. Oh well..at least they ate most of their supper tonight.
So if there are no mistakes tomorrow when I get home ill find some books and lift the box up a couple inches. My plan is to raise it every dayor two untill its toilet height as recommended, then Improvise a little. My toilet is in a corner kinda..if you look it goes toilet then box then a little corner area. anyways if I turn the box to face the toilet when it is level with the toilet they can jump up and walk into their box from the toilet.. so I plan to install the citikitty and then let the box get a little dirty and see if they choice to use the citikitty...they will at least have to realise it is there in any case. So it should be an easier transition when I remove the litter box. :)

Day 3 plus day 4 morning of prep work

So, Day 3 (of prep work for citikitty) was an uneventful day really.. actually I was hardly even home so I am glad! As promised I switched my two free fed cats to meals, which I knew would be a bit tough for them but they are usually pretty cool with new things.. well Misty is, with Diago its sorta come and go.
Anyways Day 2 night I allowed them 1 hour to eat what food their liked from half a days ration. Normally I put a days ration out in the morning and they eat whenever they like and usually don't even finish it anyways.. my guys are not big eaters. They only like wet food for the first few bites, could care less about dry and will hardly touch treats- jeesh what weirdos! Alright so they ate like.. a bite each and that's it. Ok, as you wish. I took it away and sweet Diago kept coming to find me, rubbing on my legs for attention, and when I looked at him or spoke to him he would run off... to the kitchen and sit where his bowl should be and go -Meh mow! Which is his word for please.. Meh mow my food.. Meh mow get me some wet food so I can hardly touch it.. Meh mow help me find someone.. Meh mow spruce up my litter.. and so on!
I had to ignore him, and in the morning when I figured they would definitely want to eat, they again had a bite.

So when I came home from work yesterday I was not surprised to see no presents in their litter box- though I did check the house for anything Diago might have done out of spite. Nothing. I left for the evening after giving them their supper.. I actually left it out while I was gone to be nice since it is a big change for them. They really didn't eat much of it anyways so when I got back (empty litter still) I took it up for the night.

This morning success! They ate half of their ration (I know, not all but its a start) and there was a little something in their litter box so they seam to be ok with the change and its location. Once they are eating meals well and using only the litter box I will lift it up a little.. hopefully tomorrow night!!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 2 of preperations and a mistake already??

So when I got home today all is well.. two minutes later I let out the dog, came back in to find a poo on the floor. I know who it was and he is known to be rebelious. But why? There was a poop from misty in the box and I guess he didn't like it? Maybe because he sure knows where it is. Anyways I'm making a few changes.. I am starting to feed them meals instead of free feeding so I know when they need to go. Also I took the door off the box so they can see their litter inside. I won't start lifting the box yet. Lol.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day one of prep work

So when I got home from work today and cleaned the boxes they had been going mostly in the large one in the bathroom, so I took the other one away. Step one done.
Now this is our settup for a few days..after a couple days ill start raising up the box untill its the height of the toilet.

I have decided to use the Citikitty to toilet train my two guys. I found it cheap on ebay- waited a month for it to arrive- and let it sit for 8 months in my closet. :)
I choice to use a kit like this because I only have one toilet and will be sharing with the cats- so I wanted something easy to take off when I want to use the toilet.
Citikitty is suppost to take 4 one week steps to teach your cat to use the litter box, but I have chosen to slow things down and move the litter box up to the toilets position slowly.
Today I moved the large litter box- their favourite- into the bathroom right next to the toilet. The other one I left out in the hall like it was before just in case. I showed Misty the box- who showed no interest in it at all.. then I went to get Diago and could not find him. He had snook passed me and used the box for #2 already. Good boy.

I am going to let them get used to it for a day or two then take away the small box- then move the box up to the height of the toilet..
Mischief (Misty)

Before I begin, let me introduce my guys I'm going to be trying to toilet train. Diago my long haired brown tabby Male, and Mischief my short haired grey calico (the orange is on her back) tabby female. Both are fixed and I have only ever had one mistake in my house- when Diago was angry at being told off for counter surfing. Misty is more timid, while Diago is more outgoing- though both seam very intelligent to me.. I guess I would say that though!