I have two mixed breed cats, who just turned one year old. They are brother and sister from the same litter, named; Diago and Mischief (Misty). I have thought about toilet training them ever since I got them at 8 weeks of age, however we were moving around a bit at the time and so we used two litter boxes instead. I use one large covered box and one small- both of which use wood pellets as litter- which is way better then clumping litter in many ways. It doesn't smell, other than the wood smell.. it is safer for the cats.. its only 5 bucks for a 40 pound bag.. and its MUCH easier to clean. All you do is scoop the business and the pee turns into sawdust and falls to the bottom of the box.

Anyways I still want them using the toilet so I have purchased what I need and hope we have some success. I choice to blog this because I would like the support when needed.

Scroll to the bottom for the start of our toilet training.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Decision and game plan

So when I came home today nothing in the litter box or anywhere else for that matter. I feelI sshouldn't start untill I know they are ok with the litter box move, though it is odd because I move them all the time no problem. Oh well..at least they ate most of their supper tonight.
So if there are no mistakes tomorrow when I get home ill find some books and lift the box up a couple inches. My plan is to raise it every dayor two untill its toilet height as recommended, then Improvise a little. My toilet is in a corner kinda..if you look it goes toilet then box then a little corner area. anyways if I turn the box to face the toilet when it is level with the toilet they can jump up and walk into their box from the toilet.. so I plan to install the citikitty and then let the box get a little dirty and see if they choice to use the citikitty...they will at least have to realise it is there in any case. So it should be an easier transition when I remove the litter box. :)

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