I have two mixed breed cats, who just turned one year old. They are brother and sister from the same litter, named; Diago and Mischief (Misty). I have thought about toilet training them ever since I got them at 8 weeks of age, however we were moving around a bit at the time and so we used two litter boxes instead. I use one large covered box and one small- both of which use wood pellets as litter- which is way better then clumping litter in many ways. It doesn't smell, other than the wood smell.. it is safer for the cats.. its only 5 bucks for a 40 pound bag.. and its MUCH easier to clean. All you do is scoop the business and the pee turns into sawdust and falls to the bottom of the box.

Anyways I still want them using the toilet so I have purchased what I need and hope we have some success. I choice to blog this because I would like the support when needed.

Scroll to the bottom for the start of our toilet training.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

YAY!! Today I was pleased with my findings when I got home. Everyone seams to he using the litter box properly still so I have moved on to the final step before installing the citikitty. I turned the box so they have to jump on the toilet seat (seat down!) To get in...they seamed to find this very interesting. Like the bathroom is a new place or something. For the first time ever they climbed up on the bathroom counter, and eyed the toilet paper. I see trouble coming.

I think you have it a little wrong Diago..

Hopefully this means citikitty tomorrow!

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